Welcome to NewWebCamNow

Until we get the Registered User’s Sign-in page fixed, everyone must sign-in as a Guest. Just take the “VisitorXXX” out of the Username slot and put your nickname in.

We are glad you stopped by. Webcamnow was a great Webcam chat site for many people until it ceased to exist in early April 2015. We are not affiliated with Webcamnow in any way other than being chatters who enjoyed the site quite a bit. With that said, we went on to try to build alternative sites and most of us just went to chat elsewhere. Welcome to Newwebcamnow.com.

We tried to open a webcam chat site using the free webcam chat service of dialogoo.com and most people did not enjoy being redirected to a chat room hosted on a different server than the website. That problem is solved here…the chat room is hosted right here on the website and is not redirected anywhere. And it is a nice, modern webcam chat room too. If you want to open your own room here you can and you become the moderator for that room. You have the ability to silence, kick, or ban anyone you feel uncomfortable with.

Registration is not required here but we are an Adult Chat site; so if you are under the age of 18, you must leave now. Just open the chat room window by clicking on Chat Room above on the left side of the page, enter your username where is says Visitor and come in.  The chat room here is moderated but the chat is not stifled. The moderation is a precaution to silence any hate language among participants. Everyone is given a warning and then dealt with in relation to their continued actions.

Welcome to Newwebcamnow.com and enjoy your stay. If you have any complaints, suggestions, or criticism feel free to contact us at: webmaster@restroom-wall.com our other website . Newwebcamnow would like to thank one of our Registered chat room visitors (oo0bliss0oo) for her beautiful picture above.

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