Welcome To NewWebCamNow!

A few years ago one of the best free webcam chat sites closed down. It was named Webcamnow (WCN) and was enjoyed by tens of thousands of cammers, viewers and chatters. We are not that website as the only link is the fact we are users from there who miss the camaraderie of the place. We are similar to the old WCN as we too are a free webcam chat site with no paid models. The old domain name of Webcamnow has reopened as a “camgirl” paysite with plenty of models but little to no actual “chat.” We do not have a huge following here but hope that over time we will become more popular. Come on in, click on “A New Chat Room” in the menu, check us out and populate the place to make it as fun as the last one…If you have any issues getting to the chat room send an email to: admin@newwebcamnow.com.